I feel like this is going to happen and I’m going to yell “deja vu!” and freak everyone out

I had another weird dream last night. Here’s how it went down:

Anna and I were hanging out with her friend (who I didn’t know) and then Anna said she had to do something down the street. When her other friend and I went to see what she was doing, she was playing basketball with Swimmer! We were watching them, and then Anna asked me to help her play (because now some old lady was playing with Swimmer). Once I walked up to where they were standing, Swimmer walked away and didn’t come back. Sigh. Then, the old lady was talking about how her son? grandson? was our age, and she asked if she could take a picture of us (to show him? I have no idea). Then a bunch of guys walked over, and before they could say anything, I woke up.

Until next time, Em đŸ™‚

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