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Maybe I’m not as much of an introvert as I think I am

Today was my first day of band camp, one of my favorite weeks of the summer. It’s a day full of 5 1/2 hours of playing your instrument, which fulfills my dream of going to Interlochen, almost. Today I:

1. Made a friend after being at camp for 2 hours (I always thought of myself as an introvert, but I guess I just hate people, especially people my age which tend to be immature and cruel)

2. Played a clarinet in my Second Instrument class (my mouth vibrated and hurt so badly)

3. Played a bass clarinet  in my Second Instrument class (I am never going to play a wind instrument. I hate having spit fly all over my face)

4. Saw my handbell teacher, because he was teaching the handbell class (he didn’t recognize me for a minute because I got my hair cut, and it was really awkward for those few moments)

5. Saw a LOT of cute guys (I didn’t know they existed in my state, except for the cute workers at the vacuum/sewing store and Whole Foods)

6. Saw a guy who looked sorta like Paul Rudd in Clueless, in the respect that he would be gorgeous if he cared about his appearance (Okay, he’s still cute, even if he doesn’t care about his appearance)

7. Ran around with a Barney doll that I found, trying to find my orchestra conductor (his name is Barney… only two people figured out that was why I was looking for him)

8. DID NOT GET TO PLAY THE TRUMPET IN MY SECOND INSTRUMENT CLASS (this is a dream of mine. Thankfully I will be able to play it tomorrow/the next day because my orchestra conductor was using it to play with the trumpet section)

9. Had one of the interns make fun of my Canada shirt by saying everything to me with “eh” added onto it (I thought this immaturity ended when you graduated from the 8th grade, the last time this Canadian-make fun of-ness happened, but I guess even college students are immature)

10. Said “hi how are you?!” to a random guy because I was feeling very extroverted/random

Until next time, Em 🙂

Since when did glasses become cool?

For 1/2 of my life I was made fun of in school for wearing glasses… and now all the hipsters are wearing glasses. How does this make sense? How can they think they’re so “original” if everyone else is wearing them?

Wearing glasses when you don’t need them is like using a wheelchair and calling yourself original.

Until next time, Em 🙂

I wouldn’t call it an addiction…

One of my recent… hobbies… is recipe-ing (okay, that’s a totally lame verb, just ignore me). It all started one day at school when we had a free period and I thought “hey, I should do some ‘research’ for when I have my own bakery” (aka find delicious recipes of cupcakes and bookmark them)… now this may have gotten out of hand when I had… oh 80 or so recipes. I then decided to go over to ZipList and make a recipe box for holding all of my delicious recipes. Well, I sort of got… carried away. I now have 138 recipes. I mean, who knows when I’ll get a craving for Microwave Potato Chips or Homemade Croissants or Hot Fudge Sauce? It pays to be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say.


Right now the song Stacy’s Mom is stuck in my head. Why is it so catchy and wonderful while at the same time oh so terrible?! I may or may not have put it as my ringtone in true Elodie fasion. I’m sure it will be funny when it rings, as long as it’s not in any of those aforementioned situations. I should probably go turn my ringer off right now, but my phone is off and I never get calls (I’m not a loser, I swear. I just text people) (read: I’m too lazy). I feel like it’s gonna ring some day after school and everyone will be like “what the haystacks is your ringtone? that is so weird” and I’m gonna be secretly rocking out to it.


I have a very serious problem that needs to be touched upon. I HATE MY HAIR. It’s now long enough to curl up in the back, which 1) looks terrible and 2) looks like a mullet in training, which brings us back to #1. I’m too lazy to get it cut, so I’m hoping it will grow out by the time school comes around. Wait, I have orchestra camp next week. Let’s bring out the hairbands and look like weirdos with super short ponytails yes yes yes. I’m getting off topic here. The very serious problem that needs to be touched upon is that I am mistaken for a guy because of my aforementioned (such a fun word) short hair. I volunteer at the library, and anybody who is anybody, aka anybody who has been there for as long as I have knows that I recently got my hair cut. Now, people who don’t know that, aka patrons, are the meanest people alive (or just stupid). I was helping out a patron, when one of the workers who for some reason was in a snit (all the other workers said this too, so it wasn’t just me) came up to us and asked “are you okay?” and I said “yes” and the patron said “yes he’s got it”… WAIT HOLD UP A MINUTE I AM NOT A GUY. I don’t even look like a guy. You have to live under a rock to not know that some girls have short hair. Maybe it was just this guy, because he didn’t know how the books were shelved (by author)… he didn’t even know what the 3 letters were on the side of the book (THE FIRST THREE LETTERS OF THE AUTHOR’S NAME, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?!)…. ugh this is what is wrong with this world.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Question time!

Questions come from Zia at Song Sung Blue!
1. Favourite band?
Right now I’d have to say The All American Rejects, although I don’t really have a favourite band cuz I listen to so much music
2. Do you like travelling?
Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to Australia next summer on exchange, and then in college I’m going to Europe on exchange!
3. What’s the item you always have in your purse?
A notepad. You never know when inspiration will strike (this is what I tell myself, but my room full of paper scraps tell another thing… obsessive note taking)
4. What makeup do you use?
5. What’s something that makes you happy?
Finding a great author and reading all of their books
6. Can you climb trees?
I haven’t tried, honestly, but I can climb fences… does that count?
7. What can you spend hours doing?
Reading. I think the fact that I read 9 books in 6 days pretty much tells you all you need to know
8. What kind of blogs do you like?
Funny ones, with embarrassing stories and such. And cupcake ones (I wouldn’t say I have a problem… I mean 100 or so bookmarks of recipes is research for when I open my own bakery… right?)
9. What celebrity would you like to meet?
David Boudia. Olympic diver extraordinaire.
10. What’s your favourite dessert?
Cupcakes! Or pudding. Or chocolate. All of them. I’ve always wanted to try a chocolate fountain…
11. What’s a random fact about your town?
Our library has a huge glass reading room in the back (that’s pretty much the most interesting thing that happens around here). And we have a lot of thrift stores.
Until next time, Em 🙂


Okay, so there’s this book that I love love love with a passion that can’t be contained. Wow, that sounds wrong. Anywaysss….. I stumbled upon this book in the library a few years ago and fell in love with it. I don’t know what it is, but I just love those lines around the edges on the cover… we recently got a piece of mail like that and I want to hang it up in my room. No creepy at all.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes, the best book ever (okay, maybe not the best. One of the best)

Anyways, I’ve been waiting for a sequel to come out for about… 4 or 5 years. NBD. I thought there would never be a sequel and I wanted to go over to the author’s house and make her write a sequel (I’ll spare y’all the gory details)

AND NOW THERE IS A SEQUEL HOLYMUSTACHES!!! I’ve been waiting for… oh 3 weeks for it to be available on my library account. AND I JUST FOUND OUT I CAN NOW READ IT AND MY LIFE IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!!! (I said that when I got the Diving 2012 Olympics Coke can but I guess now it’s even more true)

The most wonderful thing ever. Excuse me while I go watch the Olympic Trials again just to see David Boudia‘s face… yes I have it taped don’t judge

Excuse me while I fangirl while listening to this song and jumping around my room screaming.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Oh my gosh, what just happened?!

I had the WEIRDEST dream. I was at my house with the cute/smart/musical guy that I’m making a band with. Apparently we were going out, and he kept tickling me (I have a fear of tickling, hmmm). And my mom was sitting right next to us this whole time (for some ungodly reason). He had some questionnaire, and one of the questions was “how would you celebrate Microsoft Day”, and the questionnaire came with a pizza cut-out which we were supposed to decorate (I’m starting to question my sanity). It also came with this paint that went EVERYWHERE, and instead of making the logo with the paints on a tiny square of the pizza, it went all over the pizza and created a disgusting mess. And then he started trying to make out with me. And then I woke up. If these dreams just keep getting creepier and creepier, what will happen next?!

I can never look him in the eye ever again.

Until next time, Em 🙂

I feel like this is going to happen and I’m going to yell “deja vu!” and freak everyone out

I had another weird dream last night. Here’s how it went down:

Anna and I were hanging out with her friend (who I didn’t know) and then Anna said she had to do something down the street. When her other friend and I went to see what she was doing, she was playing basketball with Swimmer! We were watching them, and then Anna asked me to help her play (because now some old lady was playing with Swimmer). Once I walked up to where they were standing, Swimmer walked away and didn’t come back. Sigh. Then, the old lady was talking about how her son? grandson? was our age, and she asked if she could take a picture of us (to show him? I have no idea). Then a bunch of guys walked over, and before they could say anything, I woke up.

Until next time, Em 🙂