One word.

Paul Rudd.

Well, I guess two.

Holy fudgemuffins

So right now I’m watching the movie Clueless. And can I just say, wow. Paul Rudd is even hotter than Jude Law. And we all know I love Jude Law. Well, his face at least.

Anyways… I have a new interest (read: obsession). Synchro diving. It’s like gymnastics, into a pool. I can’t wait for July 27th… it could not come soon enough. Let me showcase my new favorite athletes.

Kristian Ipsen (I found his Facebook, debating whether or not I should add him)

David Boudia (I could stare at his face forever)

Michael Phelps (not synchro, but still fantastic)

Ryan Lochte (not synchro, but still fantastic)

Until next time, Em 🙂


2 thoughts on “One word.

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