Oh my word… I was just sitting out on my deck peacefully reading my book when I heard a sound in the greenbelt right next to my house… and I looked over and there was this guy with creepy sunglasses sitting there and he was looking at my house. Then I ran into my house and locked all the doors, and then I realized I forgot my phone outside (I had to tell someone!)…. then I (with my stalker ways) peeked over the counter-thing where we have our plants (it’s in the window facing the greenbelt)… AND HE WAS LOOKING AT OUR HOUSE (it seemed like he was looking at me, creepy)!!! Then he jumped/walked/ran down the little hill leading to the street from where he was sitting… RIGHT TO HIS CAR, WHICH WAS PARKED RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!! I’m really freaked out right now, what if he was a robber?!

I have a feeling that is going to be the most exciting part of my summer.

Until next time, Em 🙂



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