Bittersweet goodbyes…

School is over in 3 days. I can’t believe this… soon I’m going to be going off to college (well, I have a couple years left, but still)… holy mustaches this is crazy.

On one hand, I’m really excited for it to be summer (laying around, getting through my movies list and books list, playing tennis, sleeping in, no more annoying classmates)

But on the other hand I’m really sad. I mean, after I go off to college, I’m not going to see most of the people I go to school with ever again… until our reunion, but still. Obviously I’m going to keep in touch with my closest friends, but it feels really scary that I won’t see them every day at school, and I won’t be able to chat with them for hours about pointless things and then screaming about the same things at school the next day. I won’t be able to rant about the new episode of Jane by Design or The Glee Project. I won’t be able to goof off in math class anymore. It’s just really scary, we’re all growing up so fast.

Well, that pretty much makes me pessimistic as I’m writing this post the night before my last final (I should probably sleeping, but… not gonna happen)… anyways, last night I watched the season premiere of Jane by Design, and let’s just say, I am very disappointed with Janie and Billy. If you don’t already watch this show, go, now.

Another really great show is The Glee Project. It’s pretty much a show about a bunch of talented young people, trying to earn a spot on GLEE. Now, this season will not be as good as the last one, because Cameron and Damian won’t be there, but it’s still gonna be great.

Also, my Favorite Playlist of the Week, or I guess just Favorite Song of the Week, I’ve Been Screaming by The Relay Company! All of their songs are really catchy but not too catchy (being on the radio would ruin them). And best of all, I feel like a hipster (one of my goals in life is to dress like a hipster, embarrassing, I know). Also, Let It Go by The Dunes is another great song! I heard both of these songs on Jane by Design, and let me just say my life has been changed.

Until next time, Em 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bittersweet goodbyes…

  1. OMG, you need to get cool glasses like me! Then you’ll be totally hipster 😉
    and I know how you feel about school… A lot of people I hang out with (not close friends) are graduating, and it’s basically a fact that I’ll pretty much lose touch with them :/ (Plus, I’ll have no one to talk to next year. Bleh.)

    • I actually wear glasses, but they’re dorky glasses, not cool hipster glasses 🙂
      Haha ya my school’s pretty small, so when everyone’s graduating that means I’ll barely know anyone 😦

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