This weekend I went up to the wondrous country of CANADA! Let me just say, Canada must be the country with the best looking guys (maybe Britain and Australia beat them…) because everywhere I turned there was another hot guy. Seriously. Also, I got a super-awesome Canada shirt (I have so much Canada apparel it’s not even funny). And I ate at Tim Horton’s. And drove through Surrey (I have wanted to go to the one in the UK ever since I saw The Holiday aka the movie where I can stare at Jude Law for 138 minutes). I also went on a super-cool treetop adventure where I walked around IN THE TREETOPS. All in all, a super  fun weekend! Except now I have to go back to school and take my finals. Sadness.

Until next time, Em 🙂


4 thoughts on “OH CANADA!

  1. Yes. Canada is the best 😉 Except, as a resident, I kinda disagree with the hot guy part… probably my town is just lame in that respect though!

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