Doppleganging (is that a word?)

Today my life was changed. I went to Megan’s Sweet Sixteen, where we went to a comic shop which may or may not have had a signed picture of Chris Pine hanging up. And for sale. My bus driver looked like Bradley Cooper. When going to a concert I both saw someone who looked like Justin Bieber (warning: creepy picture alert) and Swimmer (it wasn’t him). I tasted lemon drops for the first time (they’re really good, Dumbledore was right!). I went to a seafood place (I’m a vegetarian) and ate this disgusting “vegetable” (read: mashed up disgusting green plant life) soup until I decided that yes, I could have a meal consisting of just Mozzarella-y French Fries and Creme Brulee (it was really yummy). Plus, there was some weird dance thing going on downtown which consisted of people dancing with headphones on (I think it might have been for the Ellen Show Dance Dare… but I’m not sure). Oh and I pretty much bombed my History Exam I had on Friday… not good.

Until next time, Em 🙂

PS ~ I’m thinking of telling Anna that I saw a kid who looked like Swimmer, but she’ll probably freak out and be like “Why were you thinking about him? OMG I’m gonna set you guys up!”… wait, why is this a bad idea again? Anyways, advice? To tell or not to tell, that is the predicament (obviously I’m NOT a natural born poet)


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