I’m just that skilled

During class today, some of my classmates were playing Jenga. I was walking by and they told me to walk more quietly, and being my cool self I started stomping. And the Jenga pile fell over. I’m just that skilled.

Revenge advice: When the annoying girl who for some reason hates you brings cake and will literally search the school looking for someone to eat the rest (even though I asked)…. make cupcakes and eat them every day with lunch. It’s a good thing I just made 3 dozen cupcakes. Samoas and York patties flavored. Yummy!

Until next time, Em 🙂

PS ~ no news on whether or not Anna is going to the tourney… looks like I’ll have to wait till Friday to see if I’m going to see Swimmer. Also, my friend correctly guessed his name on the first try. Lucky guess…


2 thoughts on “I’m just that skilled

    • My thoughts exactly. I said “oh can I have some?” and she went “does anyone want any?” “yes I would like some!” “I guess I’ll look around the whole school to find someone”

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