Guess who I saw today?!?!

Today I went to Anna’s house and played tennis with her. When we went to go buy tortillas, his family was playing croquet on their lawn (how cute!!!), and I totally saw Swimmer. He looked ravishing, as always, in his bright (read: neon) red shorts, black and red plaid shirt (he gets like 1 million points for that in my mind) and….. a hat WITH EARFLAPS (a gazillian points for that!!!)….. HE WAS SOOO ADORABLE! And of course I didn’t talk to him. I mean, I totally would have, except that he was like standing in the street staring at me and A who were scootering/bicycling around, and it would have been totally creepy to be like “Hey Swimmer! What’s happening?!” I was not going to take my chances.

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚


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