Today was life changing. Just kidding. But it was pretty awesome.

So it started out as an ordinary day, super sunny. I was really excited because this was like the 3rd sunny day of the year so far. Also, I was hoping that I could go to Anna’s house and maybe, just maybe, Swimmer would come out and play tennis because of the beautiful conditions. Well, it started raining and my hopes were dashed. But then I checked ever faithful weather.com and found out IT WOULD BE SUNNY BY EARLY AFTERNOON! I realized now that this was a sign; I should go.

Well, I came to Anna’s house and it started sprinkling (sign?!) and I was pretty sad. But after we played a board game, the sun started shining again and we decided to play tennis. After about an hour, who decided to show up but SWIMMER HIMSELF! Now, we were playing with three people; Anna, JB, and me. So when he showed up a perfect opportunity came. So we decided to play tennis.

And today I learned some life-changing news. Swimmer is NOT VERY GOOD AT TENNIS! He must have been good on Tuesday when I saw him play or something… because he is not very good. Anna even said I might be better than him! I also learned that he is a VERY STRANGE BOY. Very strange. While I was pondering his strangeness, I realized that he had some tendencies in common with my brother.

I decided to tell Anna, and she freaked out.

Me: You know, Swimmer reminds me of my brother…

Anna: Why, cuz you secretly love Swimmer just like you secretly love your brother?

Me: *asdfjkl* I think Anna’s had too much whiskey today!

Also, Swimmer is a tad bit hyper. He was swinging his tennis racket around like there was no tomorrow. I seriously fear for that boy… there’s something wrong with his head. Especially because he was wearing a wool hat in 65 degree weather. But you know, there is something I seriously like about him. I don’t know if it’s his resemblance to me and my brother, or if it’s the way he  runs around spaztically, but there is definitely something interesting about that kid, and not in a bad way. I’m just waiting till the time when Anna exclaims that I remind her of Swimmer, and that we’d be perfect for each other, just like she did with SpongeBob (which she was TOTALLY wrong about)

Until next time, Em 🙂


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