Okay, so yesterday I mentioned that I’m seeing The Hunger Games tomorrow (TEAM GALE!)………………. And I had an epiphany! Since my 14-year old brother is coming with us to see it, I figured, hey why not ask Anna to bring Swimmer along so that my brother would have some company? Great idea, I know.

Well, of course I asked subtly, and to quote The Lizzie McGuire Show (best show ever, TEAM GORDO!), “It needs to sound casual, but yet non-obvious. But obvious in a subtle way that wer’re like gonna get married. Soon.” Well, maybe not the getting married part.

All I wanted was to hang out with Swimmer (but that might be a problem, seeing as I’m going with my friends, and he’s going to be with my brother…), and hopefully that dream will come true. Because he seems like a really sweet guy, and come on, what’s better than a sweet guy?

Anyways, I texted my friend saying “hey do you know any guys around my brother’s age cuz he’s gonna be alone with us at the HG movie…” I was really hoping she would pick up on the hint, and she did! She replied, “uh yeah Swimmer’s 14…”


And yes, I know you’re probably all hitting a wall with your head, thinking, why does she like a 14 year old?! Well, he’s only 354 days younger than me. So it’s not like a huge age gap. Anyways, I’m not sure if he can go but I’m really hoping he can! And I’m gonna wear my lucky plaid shirt, maybe he’ll wear his and we can be twins.

Also, today I watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie, aka best movie ever. Besides A Cinderella Story and Never Been Kissed of course! Well right after Anna said that she would ask Swimmer if he could go with us, this song was going through my head on repeat… and it still is haha

Y’all should really watch that video, Vanesa is an amazing singer and guitar player!

Until next time, Em 🙂


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