A day chock full of flirting :D

I just had my band concert. And it went well, surprisingly.

First, we played really well 🙂

And second, and most importantly, I TALKED TO TWO GUYS. And I think one of them likes me.

I talked to Dylan, aka creeper who I used to (read: might still) like. I was like 2cm away from him. I was wearing 4″ heels, and since I’m 5′ tall, I felt the need to see if I was taller than anyone in my band. And when I stood next to Dylan, I was actually 1/2″ taller than him. So now I know he’s 5’3″. Hehe.

And I talked to HP, aka the nicest, cutest, most HP-obsessed guy I know. He even has a robe. So ya, I was pretty excited when he came up to me and started talking to me. Sure, he started talking to me about the strange-looking Jello-cottage cheese salad mixture (which wasn’t too bad, btw). Really, we’re talking about HP here. I could talk about the Cold War with him and it would make my day. We ended up both trying the Jello-cottage cheese mixture. And he ate some on bread… “it tastes the same, just more… bready.” Oh my gosh, seriously. I think I met my soul mate. Or maybe just future best friend. Either way, the outcome is good. Oh and I’m definitely not taller than him, even when I’m wearing heels. And I don’t think he’s done growing, so… 🙂

Until next time, Em 🙂

One thought on “A day chock full of flirting :D

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