Rainbows of happiness

Last week we changed seats in band… and I was sitting next to my crush of 7 months. Seriously. It could not have gone better. We were flirting and smiling and shoe-squeaking. It looked like the metaphorical rain had finally passed. All was well.

And then this week. I came to band happy as a clam, thinking OH MY GOSH ANOTHER WEEK OF SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HARRY (POTTER)! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! And then BAM.

“Ugh, we changed seats again!” my friend tells me.

“What the mustaches was he thinking changing our seats again?! I loved the old seating arrangement!” I replied, talking about our conductor.

I looked at the seating chart. Nope, not sitting next to Harry. I knew it was too good to be true. So now, as quickly as that spurt of happy came, it has disappeared once again. Sigh.

But, here’s some good news! I’m gonna talk to him before our concert this weekend! I even set an alarm to make sure I didn’t “forget” (read: be a wuss).

Oh and yesterday, he said two words to me. Two. “His eyebrows!” Yep. Out of any two words he could say. Of course he would reference the guy with the weird, dancing eyebrows. Of course.

Until next time, Em 🙂


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