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Rainbows of happiness

Last week we changed seats in band… and I was sitting next to my crush of 7 months. Seriously. It could not have gone better. We were flirting and smiling and shoe-squeaking. It looked like the metaphorical rain had finally passed. All was well.

And then this week. I came to band happy as a clam, thinking OH MY GOSH ANOTHER WEEK OF SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HARRY (POTTER)! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! And then BAM.

“Ugh, we changed seats again!” my friend tells me.

“What the mustaches was he thinking changing our seats again?! I loved the old seating arrangement!” I replied, talking about our conductor.

I looked at the seating chart. Nope, not sitting next to Harry. I knew it was too good to be true. So now, as quickly as that spurt of happy came, it has disappeared once again. Sigh.

But, here’s some good news! I’m gonna talk to him before our concert this weekend! I even set an alarm to make sure I didn’t “forget” (read: be a wuss).

Oh and yesterday, he said two words to me. Two. “His eyebrows!” Yep. Out of any two words he could say. Of course he would reference the guy with the weird, dancing eyebrows. Of course.

Until next time, Em 🙂


I have big news. In just 15 days, JOSH HUTCHERSON WILL BE IN MY TOWN. This is my chance to see a celebrity in person and hopefully get a picture of him/with him. Hopefully the latter.

I’m just hoping I won’t totally make a fool of myself by screaming “OH MY GOSH IT’S HIM!!!” or something equally stupid. And I’m hoping I don’t see any guys I know there either. Because two things that definitely don’t mix are guys and me being exited.

On another note, I went to the symphony yesterday and I saw a really cute guy I know (read: have seen) from orchestra. Twice. Out of around 3000 people. I’m thinking of saying hi when I see him on Monday, and saying something along the lines of “I saw you! At the Symphony!” but… that would be weird. And would have hilarious results.

Until next time, Em 🙂


“Oh my God you guys! He’s on! Should I talk to him?!” I ask my friends.

The moment has come. My crush is online. I weigh the pros and cons.


Cons: He might think you’re a total nutcase. What do you guys even talk about?!

Well, since he probably already thinks I’m a total nutcase, nothing bad can come out of this. Right? Right.

I start typing… oh my gosh, my heart is beating really, really fast. What’s up with this?! I press ENTER and stare at the message I sent. “DUDE!!!” Not too bad, right? This won’t TOTALLY FRIEND-ZONE ME… RIGHT? Oh my gosh, isn’t one of the big rules of talking to your crush NOT using the words “dude,” “man” or “bro”?! Oh great… this can’t get any better. I might as well sign off right now. *hits head against computer screen*


The moment of truth has come… wait for it. Wait for it…

“what” I JOKE YOU NOT. Well, at least he didn’t say “DUDE!!!”… yep that could’ve been worse. Way worse.

“GUESS WHAT” No seriously though, we’re meant to be. Can’t you tell by the tone of his “what”? Seriously. Not.

He replies with his oh-so-charming “what” again. Is he in a bad mood?! I knew I shouldn’t have messaged him. Bad thoughts go through my mind. What if he never talks to me again? Well that will be awkward. Should I log off right now? No, come on, YOU ARE TALKING TO YOUR CRUSH! Get a grip!

“I SKIIED 5 BLACK DIAMONDS!!!!!!” I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. It had been on my bucket list for 2 years.

His response doesn’t surprise me. “same man” he says.

“NOOOO,” I scream “I HAVE BEEN FRIEND-ZONED!!!” This is the worst kind of punishment. Having the guy you like think of you as just a friend. Great. I knew something bad could come out of this. And it did.

We spent the next 10 or so minutes talking about which runs are good, where to ski, etc. I guess this wasn’t all a waste… I figured out where I want to ski this weekend.

Until next time, Em 🙂